Top 5 Must-have items in Wardrobe

Do you love shopping but hate spending too much time searching for the perfect outfit? Then, check out these top 5 Must-have items in Wardrobe

Leather Jacket

Find one that flatters your figure (it doesn’t have to be black; there are many choices!) It’ll last you a long time. Your jacket will develop more personality over time. This is an item that can be worn with jeans and a t-shirt to bring a bit of roughness to a feminine dress (I adore the juxtaposition of masculine and feminine! ), or with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual look. According to us, Eubowie has the best collection of jackets that u can try.


It’s a fantastic idea to create a wardrobe around a few neutral colors, but I always recommend including some color options that complement your neutrals. A splash of color, whether it’s a lick of lipstick, a scarf, or a top, can quickly revitalize and raise me up if I’m having a bad day or feeling under the weather. A red lip is extremely empowering for me, and my go-to shade is MAC So Chaud (this orange-red is perfect for warm complexion tones; if you’re cooler, opt for a blue-based or burgundy red).


A quality handbag is a long-term investment. Today, there are a plethora of companies that cater to all budgets and provide functional yet stylish solutions. One of my primary requirements is that it should be comfortable to wear on my shoulder and give simple access to all of the items I could require.

To be honest, the belt bag is the bag option that makes me feel most empowered right now. The belt bag is having a fashion moment, whether you like it or not. It feels empowering to me because it fully frees up my hands and arms (essential while chasing after the kids!). It also has the added benefit of helping to define the waistline. Belt bags are included in the current collections of several designers, ranging from high-end international luxury labels to local Australian designers. you can purchase a good collection of handbags from Eubowie as well.


As much as I adore heels, it’s unrealistic for my lifestyle to wear them all the time. A pair of elegant, pointed-toe flats can dress up a pair of jeans, complete a look for a business meeting and see me doing a kinder pick-up. They’re great for when I need to spend a full day on my feet and help ensure I don’t suffer the all-consuming fatigue that can accompany aching feet.


Sweatpants are great and all, but denim is truly forever. The new classic silhouette is the easy jeans—a relaxed, high-waist straight-leg pair that looks as chic with a pair of pumps as it does with dad sneakers.  

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