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Shirt, Shirt, Shirt-Plaid

According to Prada and Junya Watanabe, we should give up the plaid skirt in favour of plaid shirts, trench coats, and sweaters for fall. Even though plaid is a perennially popular pattern for fall, it is typically only worn as a scarf or as the lining of a neutral trench coat.

Printed Sets

The easiest method to appear interesting is to keep wearing patterned clothing. A suit or lounge set with patterns makes a fashion statement with little work (win, win!). The monotone effect of the outfit will look chic and put together even if you choose a crazy pattern. You’ll want to emulate the fun pattern sets that designers like Bianca Saunders and √Čtudes presented during men’s fashion week right away. Of course, you can always mix up the designs by pairing the top and bottom with more neutral clothing, like a knit sweater or a pair of jeans.

Slinky Tops

Here’s the deal: you should definitely partake in this entertaining see-through fad if you can engage in #freethenipple without suffering consequences (jealous). The perfect method to boost up your wardrobe is with sheer tanks and tops, which are likely to become a sure thing.

It’s not necessary to wear a sheer shirt by itself. Under an enormous jacket or over a tank with a pattern or plain colour, layer it. Whatever style you choose, the sheer material will give your appearance depth and texture, which is something we could all use a little more of.

The Classic Tie

Although the Classic Tie Now ties haven’t exactly gone out of style, it has been a while since they were a conscious fashion choice. To my parents’ dismay, wearing a suit without a tie has been the “cool” style for the past five years or so at weddings and other formal occasions. However, just like many timeless fashion items, the tie has managed to resurface.

It’s not necessary to save wearing a tie for formal occasions and the office. You may participate in the trend even if you’re still working from home because designers like Dries Van Norten and John Elliot shown how a tie can coordinate with an ensemble that is more informal, like jeans and a leather jacket.

Double Down in Denim

Men’s and women’s fashion trends sometimes overlap, so I’m not shocked to see a spike in full-denim outfits taking over the men’s fashion scene right now. The trend goes beyond your standard pair of jeans and denim jacket, as demonstrated by the Canadian tuxedos that designers like Fendi, Amiri, and Bianca Sanders brought down the Spring/Summer 2023 runways last month.

The denim game is won by baggy pants, ragged hems, large shirts, and bucket hats made of the material. If a whole denim outfit intimidates you (though I promise you’ll look beautiful), start with introducing one unconventional denim piece into your overall appearance. Then, as the weather gets colder, add more layers.

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