Essential Make-up Kit

Beauty Essential Make-up Kit

Everyone adores the sensation of getting their first beauty kit. We at Friends understand that this is a significant investment of both time and money, so before you start filling your shopping carts, let’s go over the necessities. Friends Beauty strives to provide you with exactly what you require at any pricing point.

“Makeup is the finishing touch, the final accessory.” – Marc Jacobs.

To get started with makeup, you’ll need the following products.

Skin & Eye Primer

For minimizing pores, avoiding creases around the eyes, and helping makeup to stay put.

A Foundation & Concealer Palette 

A must-have, with skin tones ranging from light to dark. Creams make up the majority of foundation and concealer palettes. This is a full-coverage makeup that is ideal for film, editorial, and special occasions. Start with at least three hues (one neutral-toned ivory, one medium warm-toned tan, and one warm-toned super deep shade) if you prefer liquid foundations on your customers. Warm and reddish skin tones are distinguished. Warm complexions have a yellowish tint, whereas ruddy complexions have a pinkish tint. Because the majority of people have a warm complexion, avoid too many reddish tones when selecting your first kit.

Contouring Make-up Palette

You’ll want to get a palette that has a variety of color colors. At least three matte brown tones, one for the light complexion, one for medium skin, and one for dark skin, are required for contouring. Friends advise two neutral/warm-toned matte highlight alternatives, one light/medium, and one medium/dark, as well as one shimmer highlight. Depending on your desire, these contouring/highlight palettes might be powders or creams.

Eyeshadow Kit

Eyeshadow is a must-have for everyone! A primarily matte color pallet with a majority of neutral colors, a few brighter shades, and a couple of shimmers mixed in will suffice for a starter kit.

Lipstick and Gloss Kit

Choose a palette that includes a lot of reds, corals, pinks, and nudes. It’s better to use a combination of matte and sheer hues. A palette also makes it simple to combine numerous different hues to create the exact tone for your client. Consider depotting into a Vueset palette if you prefer a certain brand of lipstick that doesn’t come in a palette. Friends also suggest including a clear gloss and a men’s lip balm in your pack for a little sparkle. You never know when something like this can come in helpful.

Eyeliner Kit

Absolute necessities! Liquid, gel, pencil, or cake liners will all do. Find out what media you’re most comfortable using and make sure to have at least one black and one brown. Maybe throw in a pop color if you’re doing a fun shoot.

Brow Kit

Your color range should be from light taupe to deep brown, and perhaps black. You can gather a few different shades in pencils or creams, and/or you can choose a powder palette. It’s essential to have a few different brow shades to perfectly match sparse brows on your client, and different types of products allow for different brow looks. You should have a few pencils or creams in addition to powders, just in case your client needs a complete eyebrow drawn on; powder won’t help to create a new brow, but will only allow you to fill in sparse ones.

Setting Power and setting spray

Setting powder is essential to setting any look! The foundation will be tacky and if you are using powder blushes, highlights and contour, you MUST make sure to set the foundation before applying powders, or they will stick to the face and will not blend. We at Friends prefer loose powder and a powder puff to set our clients’ faces because you are able to get a lot of product out and onto the face, which is essential for setting heavy cream foundations. However, you can use pressed powder and a brush if you prefer. Also, make sure you are using Setting Powder and not Finishing Powder. Setting Powder is designed to set the foundation and make sure the skin isn’t tacky following the foundation. Finishing Powder is designed to finish off the makeup after it has already been set with setting powder, blushed, and contoured.

Setting spray will save your life if you are on set all day or if your environment is especially humid. We have found that spraying a bit of setting spray over your face primer, before you start makeup as well as right after your look is complete, truly holds the makeup all day long.

“You can be a woman who wants to look good and still stand up for the equality of women.” – Meghan Markle

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