Vintage trends

Even though it’s 2021, these 7 vintage trends are still going strong.

From the 70s to today, we’ve seen some pretty amazing vintage trends come and go. But there are seven trends from the past that have stood the test of time.

Fashion follows a cyclical pattern. What was once in will undoubtedly return in the future, as is the way the fashion world operates. I save a lot of my clothes because A) I wear what I like and B) I know things will come back in style at some point. While fashion fads come and go, there are a few that endure.

Pieces from previous decades make their way into designer collections and our Instagram feeds, from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Fortunately, vintage and vintage-inspired apparel appear to be the sartorial and sustainability trends of the year, with both trending in the same direction. We’ve compiled a list of the best vintage trends for 2021 so you may start looking or choose a more current, updated version.

The sky’s the limit for your 2021 wardrobe, whether it’s raiding a parent’s closet, trawling resale sites (where I just spotted a $3000 Gucci bag for $200—score! ), or purchasing a new version.

Here are some Vintage Trends you must think about

1. Silk Scarves with Prints

If your Instagram feed isn’t already overflowing with fashionistas draping printed silk scarves around their heads, necks, and torsos, it will be soon. Wear a headband like Goldie Hawn or a loose hair wrap like Bianca Jagger to mimic the 1970s (the decade when the silk scarf reigned supreme).

2. Vests

Vests (or waistcoats if you want to be posh) are making a comeback and taking over the suiting trend. For the ultimate retro effect, layer one under a blazer or over a turtleneck.

3. Tinted Sunglasses

While enormous sunglasses were popular in the 1970s, it’s the colored lenses that have made their way into our present wardrobes, particularly in more rectangular frames.

4. Funky Prints

Emilio Pucci’s patterns always wowed me, and I wished there were more of the bright hues on the market. In 2021, there will be no shortage of unique printed pieces, proving that I got exactly what I wanted.

5. Granny Florals

It’s ideal if it looks like Grandma’s couch. Grandma trends have always been a favorite of mine, but this one takes the cake. I’m not sure if it’s simply my infatuation with historical dramas, but everything in antique floral looks fantastic for the summer.

6. Prairie Dresses

Although the 1980s were known for their daring fashion trends, I’m not sure why we stopped wearing these puffy and airy dresses. They’re just so cozy and spacious.

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